Campaign Issues

  • Education – freeze the budget until all are accountable.

Support school choice, vouchers, and credit for home schooling along with the ability to form home schooling cooperatives. Civics and Economics should be mandatory courses and entrepreneurship and Vocational training should be available at all high schools

2nd Amendment

American people have the right to protect their families against criminals and unwell individuals who may seek to harm them. Business owners have the right to protect themselves and their establishments. Constitutional Concealed Carry reciprocity is strongly supported.

Health Care

Any individual, including self-employed individuals, would be allowed to form associations for the purpose of purchasing group health insurance. As proposed by Senator Rand Paul. This allows small businesses that don’t offer insurance and individuals who are uninsured for some other reason negotiating power enjoyed by large employers when negotiating rates.  

No more Socialism in District 7

Socialism is massive amounts of money paid (by you the taxpayer) into government coffers controlled entirely by bureaucrats. These bureaucrats with the support of complicit Elected officials empower themselves with control over every aspect of your life. They then spend vast resources on themselves and neglect your basic needs forcing you to adopt to their ideology or move.

Rights of the Unborn

Being proactive vs. reactive. By supporting free birth control which correlates to teenage girls having a fewer pregnancies and fewer abortions. A 2014 New England Journal of Medicine study found such a link.

Economic Development

Maximizing the economic impact of The Port of Baltimore to generate thousands of Working class jobs. The Salaries are determined by the market not by government and the pay is enough to support a family. Most of these jobs have benefits as well, including job provided health care. With a strong focus on workforce development for current city residents and “including” West Baltimore as an Opportunity zone, current residents will be able to participate and remain in the revitalization of the city of Baltimore.